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June 2020

estherschindler "Michael Spring, owner of historic piano recordings label APR, has launched a free, comprehensive online database o……

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Mac mini 2018, Klon auf eine SSD im externen Gehäuse. Via USB 3.0-Port am Gehäuse, zu USB-A-Stecker, und Adapter au……

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Simulant_Retro Please back our Kickstarter or spread the word for our new USB Acorn inspired mouse and keyboard!!……

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Anyone seen Mischler’s “IPRoute” IP routing software for MS-DOS? Found via the demo, but a……

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“The Book of SCSI”, Peter M. Ridge, ISBN 1-886411-02-6, 1995

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@Simulant_Retro Some other folks are doing this, too! “Software installation:
The included floppy diskette contains……

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Simulant_Retro I wonder if there are many businesses like us still sending out Drivers on floppy disks!!?

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Olivetti DM95 9-Nadel-Matrix-Drucker

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MicrochipMakes Turn a PS/2 keyboard and VGA monitor into an ANSI-compatible serial terminal:

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@Foone Who defines what’s right and wrong here? Poooor little monkey!

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knubbelmac 3Com SuperStack 3 - 4900 SX - 3c17702 - 12 Ports Gigabit Glasfaser MTRJ-Buchsen.

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knubbelmac 3Com SuperStack II Hub 10 - 24× 10 MBit/s Ethernet 8P8C, zusätzlich 10BASE-FL auf der Rückseite für ST-Glasfaser-An……

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@Foone Phhh, take this 3ware 7500-12 for 12 IDE ports per PCI card.…

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beyond_code Taking the day off today for ! First up, Railroad Tycoon on the 486

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Warum das „|“-Pipe-Symbol bzw. Char Pos. so ist, wie’s ist.… @nostalnerd

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@Knoblauchkeks You can cross-test with parcp or Interlink or similar, to rule out erroneous cable selection or PLIP bugs

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Netzwerken eines 8088/8086-DOS-PCs mit Parallelportkabel und 2. PC, ohne Netzwerkkarte, samt Zugriff auf EtherDFS:…

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Compiling Windows 98 binaries. With Rust.…

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