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Computers based on m88k

BBN Systems TC2000
NUMA-multiprocessor MIMD system with up to 128 88110 CPUs
Data General AViiON
Whole line of systems ranging from pizzabox-sized desktops to rack-mounted SMP servers
Dolphin Triton
Various kinds of servers, some built around MVME187 boards, other are custom-built
Encore 91, 93 Series
Realtime and parallel processing SMP servers
Harris Night Hawk
Real-time multiprocessor Unix systems
Custom-built experimental parallel system
Motorola Delta Series 8000
VME server systems based on various MVME187 and MVME188 boards
Motorola M8120
Shoebox-sized server with a modified MVME187 board
Motorola Series 900
Stackable modular server systems based around MVME187 and MVME197LE boards
Motorola XR Series 900
Similar to the above Series 900, but larger and with some redundancy
Various X-Terminals based on m88k CPUs
NeXT NeXTstation RISC prototype
Experimental 88110-based design which never made it to market
Omron LUNA88K
Range of m88k-based systems, sold almost exclusively in Japan
Tadpole TP8xxV
Very rare VME boards, some are supposedly clones of MVME boards
Various X-Terminals based on m88k

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