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Operating Systems


Most, if not all, m88k-based systems were originally delivered with some kind of UNIX derivate. These derivates in turn mostly were based on Motorola's port of System V UNIX to the m88k architecture (SysV/88k). As of late 2003, the only freely available open-source OSs are the OpenBSD/mvme88k and OpenBSD/luna88k ports. Efforts to port Linux to m88k-based systems never got over the planning stage. A NetBSD port also was projected over the times but did not produce much visible output.


Motorola System V/88 Unix R3.2 V3
The first version of Motorola's own port of System V Unix to run on its m88k-based System, only supports 88100-based configurations though.
Motorola System V/88 Unix R4.0 V3
The next major release of Motorola Unix, now supporting the newer 88110-based computers and a much more advanced userland.

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The original OpenBSD port to the m88k-platform, at the beginning only supporting 88100-based systems. The state of the port fluctuated a lot over the years but reached a stable state as of OpenBSD 3.6.
A newer port to the relatively unknown and rare Omron m88k-based Luna computers, based on OpenBSD/mvme88k and NetBSD/luna68k sources.

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