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This page is an informational, technical resource on computer systems based on the Motorola 88000 (m88k) platform, Motorola's first RISC design.

17 December 2007

OpenBSD/mvme88k now supports the MVME197LE and SMP

After ardous bug-fixing OpenBSD now fully supports the Motorola MVME197LE boards and SMP on the MVME188 boards. The updates were contributed by Miod Vallat (OpenBSD m88k port maintainer), together with a large bunch of other corrections. Thanks!

23 April 2005

Restructuring and clean-up of the site

Parts of the site were reorganized as some of the pages were reshuffled. The various descriptions of the m88k-hardware were moved to individual pages and unified under a single [hardware]-section.

9 September 2004

MVME297 memory card page added

The 297s are the memory expansion boards for the various MVME197 models.

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